Personal and corporate image consulting, personal branding, body language and personal shopping. These are some of the tools that we offer in Smyle to project self-confidence and generate a positive change in our image and our life. This is my passion; help others feel great about themselves, understand the beauty in being unique, smile.

Fashion, style and image can be seen as something shallow, superficial and designed only for celebrities or public figures with a lot of money. I want to break these paradigms and prove that they can be a tool that we all should take advantage of. A tool to bring out the best in each of you and be successful in your personal and professional life.

I invite you to invest on yourselves in a unique experience, where you will be yourselves, only better.

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-Irene Jordan-

SMYLE is a member of AICI (International Association of Image Consultants), the most important image consultants association in the world

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Data Privacy Policy

Smyle by Irene Jordan, is a company committed to respect information and data collected from the different commercial relationships with its customers and most importantly, to keep its secrecy. In this way, any data collection or use will be managed under the principles of transparency, veracity, security, confidentiality and strict compliance with rights related to habeas data pursuant to the Colombian legislation.

Customers will be entitled to know, at any time, all of their information kept in our data bases as well as to request any correction, modification and elimination thereof.

What data is collected?

Through a customer data form, information such as full name, land telephone number and/or mobile telephone number, e-mail address, domicile and work -site is collected.

¿What do we do with data collected?

Data collected will be used only and exclusively for the purpose of providing a better service to our customers thus enabling them to keep in touch directly with our company and in turn, enabling ourselves to know their remarks and suggestions, by allowing their access to implementation of new services and offers.

Information on customers, except by express authorization, shall be neither sold nor shared with any other company or any external data base administrating entity.