Style Sessions

Would you like to discover in a quick way and with a low budget the benefits of image consulting?

In this session you will be given the basic tips and advices you need to bring out the best of you.

Styling Consultancy

To make an excellent impression, it is important to know what type of clothes flatter you the most and how to combine them in a stylish way for different occasions.

With this consultancy you will improve the way you dress to look and feel your best for the rest of your life. We will cover all the knowledge you need to manage your image correctly and dress in a stylish and quick way that sets you apart from the crowd and boosts your self-confidence in any occasion.

3 Sessions:

1. Assessment
2. Anthropometric Analysis and Color Harmony
3. Consultancy in fabrics, accessories, necklines, sleeves, pockets and clothing shapes & lengths.
- Customized styling guide

Color Consultancy

Learn how to use color as a communication tool. In the end, you will know exactly what colors to wear and how to combine them properly in stylish outfits that project the image you want.

We work with the patented methodology of the Spanish Enterprise QUEMEPONGO.

2 Sessions:

1. Color Test and
Color Harmony
2. Practical session on how to use and combine your own clothes
- Customized Color Guide
- Customized Color Palette to take out for shopping

Wardrobe Analysis

We will assess each of the garments in your closet and advice you on what you should keep, fix or give away. We optimize the space in your closet and the time you spend getting dressed leaving only the clothes and accessories that flatter your looks and your image.

We will teach you how to coordinate stylish outfits, plus you could do charity work giving away clothes that don’t flatter you, to people who really need it.

2 Sessions

1. Assessment
2. Wardrobe Analysis and Outfits Propositions
- Photographic record of every outfit

Color Analysis
Wardrobe Analysis

Complete Image Consulting

According to Dan Kilgore of the consulting firm Riviera Advisors (head hunter for Fortune 500 companies) "It's all about the first 30 seconds". Do you know what your image says about yourself?

This is a complete image consulting, a tool for life that will help you discover and develop your own personal style and manage your image properly in any occasion to achieve personal and professional success. Invest on yourself and boost your self-confidence for life.

7 Sessions:

1. Assessment
2. Styling Consultancy
3. Visagism Consultancy
4. Styling Consultancy
5. Wardrobe Analysis (2h)
6. Outfits Propositions
7. Customized Style Guide

Personal Shopping

Our goal is to improve your shopping experience, turning it into something quick and efficient.

We optimize your time and your money advising and teaching you to buy only the clothes and accessories that enhance your image. We don’t have any alliances with any store; we will only take you to the ones we consider appropriate according to your style, body shape, needs and budget.

2 Sessions:

1. Assessment
2. Shopping Route with clothes/outfits propositions previously selected
* We also offer Personal Shopping on-line

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Contact us and we will clear out any doubt, suggestion or comment you may have as soon as possible.

We are sure we can offer whatever you need. All our consultancies are customized and we have the flexibility to adapt them to your needs.
Contact us and start to enjoy all the benefits of image consultancy!

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